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Bendigo PC Repairs are experts in setting up new computers, software installation, network configuration, email, hardware and software upgrades and much more. We know that looking after even one computer, let alone the typical home or small business which can have 3 or more, not counting mobiles and tablets, can be time consuming & costly and this can be before you even encounter issues or data loss that may affect your daily routine.

Bendigo PC Repairs comprehensive computer support services include:


On-Site Support, Repairs or Upgrades

Bendigo PC Repairs offers a full range of On-Site Support, Computer Repairs, Replacement and Upgrades.

  • Re/install your Operationg System (Windows, Linux or MacOS)
  • Email Setup & Configuration
  • Software Installations
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • On-Site or Remote Support


Virus, Spyware, Adware, Malware Removal and Ransomware Protection

We have many solutions that can help protect you against the nasties on the Intermet.

Solutions such as Malware Bytes, Trend Micro, and Nortons.


Internet Security & Firewall Protection

For added protection, we can configure and setup security for your home or small business


Data Backup, Recovery and Cloud

With the modern age of Technology, more and more homes (and small businesses) have more data than they know what to do with, Music, Photos, Home Movies, Movies & TV shows and other important data like home or small business files, data bases and legal documents etc.

With the low cost of large Hard Drives (USB & Internal) and/or Network Attached Storage solutions (NAS), Bendigo PC Repairs can centralise all your data into a central Storage solution and configure an automatic backup solution for all your important data.

We can also setup and configure a Cloud (online storage solution like One Drive, Drop Box or Google Drive) backup solution for your most important photos and documents.

Feel confident that your data is backed up.  


Broadband Installation and Setup

We can help to setup your new or extend the usage of your existing NBN connection


Home Media Solutions (such as Plex.tv, Kodi.tv etc)

With the absolute explosion of digital media in todays world, households and small business want to be able to access that media from any location in the home, office or on the road.

We setup custom solutions to integrate your home or office to access all your media, be that streaming movies, music or photos to your connected devices.

  • Media Server Setup & Configuration
  • Media Technology Troubleshooting
  • Electronic Media Integration
  • NAS – Network Attached Storage Solutions
  • PVR & 3rd party Media Player Setup & Configuration


Mobile Phone & Tablet Solutions

Mobile technology is now everywhere, be that your Phone. Netbook, iPad, Windows or Android tablet. What Bendigo PC Repairs do is make your Mobile technology an extension of your home or small business network.

  • Mobile Network & Media Centre Integration
  • Custom Mobile Solutions
  • email Setup and Configuration
  • Backup Solutions


All things Networking

The evolution of Home & Small Business computer networking over the last 15+ years has matured and has now become a major part of the home, family and small business computer user’s daily life.

Family computer users would normally use networking when there is more than a single computer in the home. Basic networking in the home allows the home to share the home broadband connection, share files such as music, photos, documents and movies. We can also setup your notebooks, mobiles phones & tablets/pads to join the network as well.

We can design networking solutions that fit your family or small business’s needs 

  • Network Setup and Configurations
  • Computer and Notebook Netwok Configurations
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Wireless Networking & Security
  • Network Switches, Hubs, Access Points, WiFi Extenders and Routers